River landscape-types in Austria

"Leitbilder" (guiding vision) for a sustainable development of river landscapes

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Susanne Muhar
Department of Hydrobiology, Fisheries and Aquacultur, BOKU - University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences, Vienna

end of project: 2003 05


Österreichische Wasser- und Abfallwirtschaft Nr. 55 / 7-8 2003 (Springer Verlag)



Analysis and Identification of Riverlandscape Types in Austria
S. Muhar, M. Poppe, S. Schmutz, G. Egger und A. Melcher

The Present State of the Austrian River Landscapes: Survey and Analysis of Anthropogenic Impacts and Uses
M. Poppe, S. Muhar, G. Egger und S. Schmutz

Legal and Programmatic Conditions for Developing "Leitbild"-Models and Restoration Programmes in River Landscapes
S. Trimmel

Guiding Visions ("Leitbilder") and Measures for River Basins as Developed for the Möll River
G. Egger, S. Muhar, S. Schmutz, J. Petutschnig, K. Aangermann, S. Trimmel, S. Preis, B. Ömer und A. Strigl

Development of a Method for Assessing Sustainability in River Basin Management
B. Ömer, S. Schmutz, S. Preis, S. Muhar, G. Egger, A. Artner, S. Trimmel und G. Haidvogel

Integrative Assessment of the Ecological Status and Sustainable Development of River Basins: The Möll River Study
S. Schmutz, G. Egger, S. Muhar, S. Preis, F. Sinabell, A. Artner, J. Petutschnig, K. Angermann, A. Strigl, B. Ömer und S. Trimmel
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Danube Watch 2/2002 (ICPDR)


A vision for the Möll River in Austria.

A forward-looking research project aimed at developing a vision for the Möll River in a process involving public participation has been carried out at the Vienna University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Science (BOKU)

Susanne Muhar

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