River landscape-types in Austria

"Leitbilder" (guiding vision) for a sustainable development of river landscapes

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Susanne Muhar
Department of Hydrobiology, Fisheries and Aquacultur, BOKU - University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences, Vienna

end of project: 2003 05


Content/Results: Structure Plan

Sub-module 1
Classifying River Landscapes

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Sub-module 2
Model Conception: Leitbild Development for River Landscapes

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Sub-module 3
Leitbild Development for the River Landscape Möll (Carinthia/Austria)

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Sub-module 4
Future Strategies for Applying River Landscape Leitbilder


Over the last decade, an ecologically oriented management of aquatic systems, including cultural landscapes, has been recognized as the overriding goal of a holistic and sustainable approach to aquatic landscapes. This requires formulating new demands on integrated management:

  • a new perception of and more differentiated approach to river landscapes and to the use of this resource and its sustainable protection by society
  • a new approach to management both from the administrative and scientific perspective (1) based on an expanded spatial and temporal scale in which study areas are investigated (catchment scale, medium- and long-term scenarios) (2) based on interdisciplinary cooperations
  • a need to cooperate and communicate with those who are affected both technically and personally (transdisciplinarity)
Based on the experience gained in the overall project and especially in sub-module 3, general recommendations for a sustainable approach to river landscapes were developed. They are aimed at the political and legislative level, at scientists as well as at practical planning in the framework of regional planning, agriculture, river engineering, environmental protection and water conservation.



Supplementary Module
Anthropogenic Uses and Impacts in and along the River Möll around 1830

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